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Get ahead in life! My name is Dr. Shana, and I am an experienced motivational and keynote speaker, transformation leader, trainer, coach and author from Bellaire, Texas. My aim is to guide you to a life that’s infinitely better and happier than what you ever expected.

I understand that life can be difficult sometimes. This is where I step in to give you the support that you need. Whether it’s about unleashing the potential within you or regaining control of your life, you can count on me to help you from start to finish create the necessary transformations to move you forward. 

Thru high energy motivational speaking, keynotes, interactive workshops, coaching services or small group training I can get you and your team moving in the right direction. I can create a program just for you based on your needs or use an existing program to help you and your group perform at an optimal level. Send a message to learn more.

Calling ALL Dallas, TX ladies September 14, 2019!

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#TodayIDecide Thank you Dr. Shana Lewis for an AMAZING webinar. You have a gift and you are using it. Follow her on FB - you will not be disappointed. Thanks again.

- S. Brown

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