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Introducing Dr. Shana

Dr. Shana D. Lewis is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor turned Executive Wellness Coach. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education.  She is the founder of SDL Enterprises, LLC, home of The Your Extraordinary Life Academy and the ME 2.0 Program.


She is also the founder of Her VOICE a non profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of domestic violence to live healthy lives thru mentorship and education. With over 20 years of experience working with women in the mental health field, Dr. Shana decided to take her clinical knowledge, coupled with her personal experience and wellness training to help high achieving professional women stop seeking balance in life and instead create harmony/integration through understanding the 12 dimensions of wellness.


In addition to this work, Dr. Shana is a sought after business coach for clinical mental health practitioners who want to scale beyond the therapy room by increasing their impact, influence, and income to help thousands across the globe!

Dr. Shana believes that wellness is an inside job as a woman can not lead anyone else anywhere until she has first led herself through healthy self care and prioritization of her life. To this end, Dr. Shana is a sought after international keynote and motivational speaker, trainer, and leader in the women’s empowerment and wellness space and curator of the Self care is the New Sexy International Retreat. She delivers powerful, high energy keynotes to audiences all across the country about a variety of issues including domestic violence, women’s issues, wellness, spiritual issues, mental health issues, self-care and transformation. As a result of her expertise in these areas Dr. Shana has been featured on several media outlets including CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, and ABC as a mental health expert on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan! 


While Dr. Shana has several pursuits that she is passionate about, her overall desire is to equip high achieving professional women who are overwhelmed and burnt out from the responsibilities of life, career, business, or relationships to gain clarity and focus to position herself to have it all. Dr. Shana believes that when a woman has properly cared for herself, she is aligned, and she has done her work she is then able to function from a place of abundance--a space she affectionately calls #Saucerlife! 

In addition to these pursuits Dr. Shana is also a Scaling Up Business Coach who works with Therapists who want to increase their impact, influence and income by scaling beyond the therapy room. 


Dr. Shana says...

What doesn't challenge you will not change you. What doesn't change you will not make you grow. What doesn't make you grow can't make you better. 

Dr. Shana

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